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During the Covid-19 lockdown, I found it difficult to be present in my community and I was searching for a project to continue advocating for children's health and fitness. Finding entertaining and engaging children's books about fitness and health was very difficult to find and I wanted to change that. I then started writing my very own children's book.

About a year later, "Let's Get Moving!" was published! 


"Let's Get Moving!" is about a girl named Alex who learns she needs 60 minutes of physical activity. The story goes through her very active day and she tracks her exercise to make sure she gets her 60 minutes. One thing I love about my book is that it's interactive! After each activity Alex does, it will say on the next page, "Stand up! Let's Get Moving!" It will direct the reader to get up and try out the activity with Alex. 

My book is now available on Amazon and I am excited to begin my Book Tour! My goal is to read my book to as many classrooms and groups of kids as I can. The proceeds of my book will go to providing a book to each classroom I go to! I am so excited for this journey and all it will bring! Let's get moving!!

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